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Chilled Ready Meal Technology Has Evolved

From Raw To
Pasteurized In 7 minutes.

We deliver an automated, integrated, continuous packaging and processing system

For global food producers, sustainable and profitable
chilled ready meals, are now possible.


Day shelf life without compromising
taste, texture, color.


Less labor compared to alternative
production methods.


Excess water required for

0.08 kWh

Of energy per meal.

Trusted by Leading Ready Meal Manufacturers

45+ Day Shelf Life Without Overprocessing
No more compromises in you ready meal production


Get the shelf life but the product suffers.

Cook & Chill with MAP

Nice product. Short shelf life.


The best of all worlds.

Eliminate batch processing with a
continuous, automated, industrial system.

Micvac FlexProcess®

Micvac FlexProcess®Industrial Automation System
Raw To Pasteurised in 7 Minutes

Customer Stories

Unique technology and the best flavours

HK Scan / Via
Gooh Products Thumbnail

Chef-made meals with quality in focus

Lantmännen / Gooh

Partner up for success

Orkla Foods Norge / Toro
Benefits for Retail
Smart microwave cooking solutions for pre-cooked meals

Are you ready for fresh market shares?

Chilled ready meals are a huge, growing market. The Micvac method is your ticket to an increased share.

Micvac System Overview
Retail packaging solutions that extends shelf life of food

We serve the method, you serve the food

The Micvac method offers in-pack cooking, pasteurisation and vacuumisation in a smooth, continuous process.