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Micvac is an innovative food processing and packaging solution company. Our unique in-pack cooking and pasteurisation method provides safe, healthy, tasty and environmentally conscious meals. Click here to learn more

A better way
to produce chilled
ready meals

Healthy. Tasty. Convenient. Micvac presents a fresh take on the chilled ready meal – healthy, tasty and convenient to appeal to the modern, fast-paced consumer. Click here to learn more This is how
it's done
Are you looking for new ways to make chilled ready meals better? The Micvac production method is based on in-pack cooking and pasteurisation – all in one smooth process. Click here to watch the video


Smart microwave cooking solutions for pre-cooked meals

It's tasty, healthy and fun!

Yes you can put proper food on the table, even when there is little or no time for preparation. Check out the Micvac miracle.


Retail packaging solutions that extends shelf life of food

Are you ready for fresh market shares?

Chilled ready meals are a huge, growing market. The Micvac method is your ticket to an increased share.

The Micvac System

In-pack cooking and pasteurisation

We serve the method, you serve the food

The Micvac method offers in-pack cooking, pasteurisation and vacuumisation in a smooth, continuous process.

Case stories

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Orkla Food Norge / Toro Has Produced Chilled Ready Meals With The Micvac Packaging Method Since 2006

Partner up for success

Orkla Foods Norge / Toro

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