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When you see the Fresh thinking, served. symbol you know your meal is cooked using the Micvac method – a better way to produce chilled ready meals. With Micvac no additives are needed, but we still offer excellent keeping qualities. The method preserves taste as well as nutrition. And last but not least, a Micvac meal will whistle when it’s heated through and ready to eat!


The only meal that tells you when it’s ready

We have all been there. The microwave lets out a cheerful ‘PLING!’. You take your plate to the table and get comfortable with your favourite magazine or TV channel. But just as you start in on the first bite, you find your meal is just hot on the surface and still cold in the middle.

With Micvac, annoyances like these are a thing of the past. Just put the tray in the microwave. (You don’t need to pierce the lid or anything.) Set it to full power and plenty of time. After a few minutes you will hear a loud whistling sound from inside the microwave – the signal that your meal is hot all the way through and ready to eat.

Et voilà! It really couldn’t be much easier than that.

Heating tip: If you want to serve several Micvac meals at the same time, don’t remove the lid. The newly heated meal will stay warm for at least 15-20 minutes.

The secret is – we add nothing!

No need for E numbers

No need for preservatives

No need for flavour enhancers

It’s a well-known fact that ready meals usually contain more chemicals like preservatives, colours and flavour enhancers, and a lot more salt and sugar than your average home-cooked meal. But ready meals made with the Micvac-method are something altogether different.

  • Thanks to the natural vacuum there is no need for preservatives. A Micvac meal will still stay fresh in the fridge for weeks.
  • Since a Micvac meal is cooked in the tray, all the flavour and juices stay where they are.
  • Thanks to super-fast microwave cooking, the Micvac method leaves more vitamins, colours and crunch in vegetables, for example.

Q: Is the package really safe to use in the microwave?

A: Yes, it’s safe! All materials are thoroughly tested and there is no risk for leakage.

Stays fresh for weeks in the fridge!

Chilled ready meals are tastier and easier than frozen. But buying fresh usually means more frequent trips to the store. With Micvac you can have the best of both worlds. Thanks to the natural vacuum, a Micvac meal can stay fresh for weeks in the fridge. So stack them up for hungry days to come, and you’re prepared for everything.

The Micvac method makes the chilled ready meals stay fresh and tasty for weeks in the fridge
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