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Coop Sweden and Grön Ko first to offer Micvac’s new pack

In order to offer its customers greater freedom of choice, Swedish grocery retailer Coop, in association with food producer Grön Ko, is offering a new size of pack for chilled ready meals. The new pack from Micvac is round and is suitable for 300 grams.

“The new pack is smaller than the ones already in the range, and therefore costs less to purchase and produce. This means we can offer products of the same high quality, but at a lower retail price for the consumer,” says Jesper Malm, Strategic Buyer Private Label, Coop Sweden.

Coop currently has around a dozen products in Micvac packs in its private label range, and many more for other brands. One of the meals in this new pack is mushroom risotto by Grön Ko, and was launched in mid-April. Coop has chosen to invest in a new pack to create more differentiation in its convenience food department, as a good range of sizes, shapes and dishes makes for an interesting, attractive display.

“Micvac packs make it possible to sell fresh convenience food that’s as similar to homemade food as possible. Also, thanks to the cooking technique, products in Micvac packs have a long overall shelf life, which helps us to prevent wastage,” says Malm.

Micvac is also seeing increasing demand for different sizes of pack.

“Fresh convenience food is one of the fastest growing categories in Swedish grocery retail. Consumers are looking for a wider range and variety of dishes, as well as different pack sizes. We see this as a natural progression in being able to offer our customers more sizes, so as to meet the increase in demand,” says Malin Brodén, Marketing Director at Micvac.

En français: Coop Suède et Grön Ko sont les premiers à proposer le nouveau pack de Micvac
På svenska: Coop och Grön Ko först ut med Micvacs nya förpackning