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Customers & Partners

Let’s find out what we can do for each other!

Our ambition is to have a market-leading position. To get there we want to cooperate with food companies that are eager to introduce new, exciting food brands on the market. We are always on the lookout for ambitious partners that can help us develop the Micvac offering technically or otherwise. Let’s find out what we can do for each other!


Here are some of the brands currently on the market that use the Micvac method. Click on Case stories to read more detailed stories about their adventures on the market.

Gooh! – brand using the Micvac method for their chilled ready meals
Toro – Norwegian chilled ready meals brand working with the Micvac method
Grön ko – one of the Swedish brands currently using the Micvac method
Smålandskräftan – packing sea food using the Micvac method
Gastro Innova – food brand working with the Micvac method Colombia
Whistle Gourmet – Chilean food brand working with Micvac method


Micvac has a network of competent partners all over the world to support our customers in the best way. Our partners are reliable and have long experience within their line of business. To make sure that all steps in the Micvac technology work as they should, we have chosen partners with long experience in the food business. Together, we have the understanding and the knowledge to set up the best solution for your specific needs. Micvac works with research institutes to evaluate consumer preferences as well as strategic market data. We can assist you to develop your marketing strategy as well as packaging solutions. Choosing Micvac is choosing a partner all the way through.