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Science & Research

Growing new knowledge with our partners

Micvac has on-going activities with research institutes and universities worldwide. This is a natural way for Micvac to keep updated on the latest findings within process technology, food handling and nutrition. It is also a way to let our customers have access to a broad network of skilled people in the area.

KIN Lebensmittel-Institut

Since 1965, there has been no other institute as actively involved as KIN in the field of further education, research and development as well as quality assurance for the food industry.

Under the umbrella association KIN Food Institute, two non-profit vocational education operations are available:  Vocational Education Department (seminars) and the Professional School for Food Technicans. The taxable service fields “Quality Assurance” and “Food Processes” are combined in KIN GmbH, a commercial subsidiary.

Due to its diverse competences, KIN is able to support its members and customers with high quality assistance, advice and problem solutions

The Micvac technology is one of the objectives when KIN is implementing existing knowledge and latest research findings into product development and later on commercial practice. In the pilot plant in Neumünster, Germany, it is possible to get demonstrations of the Micvac method and get trained in the technology and equipment.

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

SP is a leading international research institute focusing on innovation and sustainable development by developing new expertise and dependable technical decision criteria.

Micvac has a long standing collaboration with SP within areas such as shelf life studies, process validation and nutritional studies.

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Micvac is proud to work with leading universities worldwide

The number of institutions where you can get an education in the Micvac method is increasing and we are happy to meet former students as decision makers in the food industry.

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