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Science & Research

Growing new knowledge within food production with our partners

Micvac has on-going activities with research institutes and universities worldwide. This is a natural way for Micvac to keep updated on the latest findings within process technology, food handling and nutrition. It is also a way to let our customers have access to a broad network of skilled people in the area.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Agrifood and Bioscience (formerly SIK), is a pioneer in R&D on microwave food processing with activities starting already in the 1950’s. Today, this involves several applications: industrial microwave processing, design of microwavable foods and packages, continuous tubular in-flow microwave preservation, combined microwave baking & drying technologies, microwave tempering of frozen foods, but also process design and implementation of microwave units, determination of dielectric properties etc.
RISE has long experience in process evaluation & validation, modelling, simulation and optimisation, feasibility studies of technology choice, technical decision criteria, up-scaling, implementation and partnership for successful industrialisation. RISE has strong competence also in other technologies, e g infrared and pulsed electric field processing, ultrasound tempering etc.

RISE is a leading independent international research institute, offering core competence in e g applied innovative sustainable food technology to develop high-quality healthy foods. RISE offers a wide spectrum of R&I services and cross-border R&I areas for industry, academia and the public sector.

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RISE – collaborating with Micvac within areas such as shelf life studies, process validation and nutritional studies


Micvac is proud to work with leading universities worldwide

The number of institutions where you can get an education in the Micvac method is increasing and we are happy to meet former students as decision makers in the food industry.

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Micvac works with leading universities worldwide