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With Micvac you can put high-quality food on the table with less effort – less staff, less kitchen space and less food waste. Thanks to an extended shelf life the Micvac method allows you to prepare a variety of different recipes in advance and deliver sealed, pasteurised, vacuumised delicious food by chilled distribution – when and where it is needed. The Micvac method is perfect for restaurants, catering and large scale kitchens. And what’s more, all this is achieved without any major initial investments.

The life of a chef gets a lot easier with Micvac’s food service solutions

“It’s made my life a lot easier”
Jonas Ericsson, Chef

Cooked, sealed and ready to serve at your convenience

MV Fs Pikto 1

Put the ingredients in a tray or pouch. Seal the tray with a plastic film that has an integrated valve. A special tool is used for this purpose.

MV Fs Pikto 2

The valve plays a vital role in the process. The valve’s capacity to open and close at the right moments is the heart of the Micvac solution.

Mv Fs Pikto Oven

Put the trays in the oven (they are sized to fit a standard sized oven). As the food is cooking the pressure forces the valve open. The steam leaves the tray, and with it all oxygen.

MV Fs Pikto 4

As the food begins to cool, the valve closes and creates an underpressure and a natural vacuum. The food is now tamper-proof and will stay fresh for weeks in the fridge.

The Micvac method offers advantages every step of the way

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With the Micvac vacuum food packing-concept you can make better use of your more qualified staff. The chefs can focus on development, such as planning menus, recipes and production for the coming period.

Mv Fs Pikto 6

Actually cooking and preparing the meals can be handled by less specialised staff, at a convenient time – enabling you to use skills and kitchen space more efficiently.

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Thanks to Micvac’s extended shelf life and an easily adjustable production process, you can efficiently pre-prepare a range of specific diet meals (allergies, vegan, religious etc.).

Mv Fs Pikto 8

Micvac’s natural vacuum also comes in handy during transportation and storage – in fact the extraordinary keeping qualities open up brand new sales opportunities for restaurants, catering and large scale kitchens.

Mv Fs Pikto 9

Heat and serve at your convenience. The end consumers can enjoy a wide variety of high-quality meals – all with high food safety standards thanks’ to vacuum food packing.


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The results are increased shelf life, decreased food waste, better food economy and more satisfied customers.

See how it works

Micvac Food Service

Innovative technology for catering and restaurants

The ingredients are prepared according to recipe. The ingredients are dosed into a tray or into a pouch. The package is sealed by using a tray sealer or a sealing bar.

The products are placed in the oven. The food is cooked a pasteurised in the package. Steam and oxygen is released through the valve.

When the cooking process is ready the products are quickly cooled down and put into a cold storage.

Before serving, the product is reheated in an oven or similar, and presented on a plate

You can use separate components or a complete dish

Enjoy your meal.

Want to improve your food service solutions?Let’s talk about how the Micvac method can be adapted to your specific needs.

Fresh thinking, served. By Micvac.

Are you interested in improving your food quality and profitability?

Please contact me to learn more about Micvac and our food service concept.

Hanna Rüdel

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