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Press release: Lidl launches new ready meals

– produced using the Micvac method

Since November, grocery giant Lidl in Sweden is selling three ready meals produced by Smålandskräftan using the innovative Micvac method. The meals are Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes, Sausage Stroganoff and Pasta Pomodoro, and the were launched under the Chef’s Select brand. With their long shelf life and delicious flavour, it is hoped the dishes will open more people’s eyes to ready meals.

“Our ready meals produced with the Micvac method taste as if they’re homemade. We have great faith in this launch, and are also planning to introduce the dishes abroad,” says Alexander Weiss, Purchasing Manager Food at Lidl.

Lidl launches new ready meals

Press release: Lidl launches new ready meals
Pressmeddelande: Lidl lanserar tre nya färdigrätter
Pressemelding: Lidl lanserer tre nye ferdigretter