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Press release: Micvac starts a new business area – Food Service

Better food with less effort is the motto for this new business area which offers a new way to cook for commercial kitchens, catering and restaurants. The patented Micvac process for in-pack cooking and pasteurisation is now being used within the food service area. The unique reclosable Micvac valve has shown to be very efficient also in steam ovens used in  large scale  kitchens. The concept has been tested until now mainly in Spain and Sweden and proven very successful allowing new ways of producing and managing the logistics for these companies.

The use of the method allows the production and serving to be independent from one another. Food with a longer and safe shelf life, enables an improved efficiency when it comes to plan the production of the meals, the use of staff and the convenience when heating it up. Less food is thrown away all through the value chain as you only heat up what you actually need.  And you can stock meals and components to deal with shortage etc.

The first customer for this application is Carns Fuster, a “carnecería”, or meat shop, located in carns-fusterthe region of Valencia in Spain. They have launched 25 new recipes of traditional Spanish meals all produced in their own production kitchen. The ingredients are packed in the tray, sealed with a film with the valve on top and then cooked and pasteurised in conventional steam ovens. At this moment, the products are sold with great success in the local Carns Fuster shop.

“We have got a very positive response on the quality of the meals from our customers. This has allowed us to plan further. Due to the long shelf life, 30 days at 8°C, we already think of expanding and sell through other sales channels”, says Mr José Fuster, Managing Director of the company. “This was not an option for us before and means that we can increase our sales using the same equipment, but in a more efficient way.”

Also Mrs Begoña Soliva, who has spent the last year developing the recipes, is proud about the attention the meals have got. “With this technique I realised that I got the possibility to do something different. We always use high quality ingredients, and now it is easy to keep the taste and flavour throughout the cooking process and it actually allows me to use less salt and spices”, she explains.

Micvac is represented in Spain and Portugal by Comercial 258. The company has always expressed excellent food quality combined with high food safety at extended shelf life as major advantages for the method.  “In January this year, we inaugurated our new test kitchen in Andorrra”, says Martin Gustavsson, Managing Director of Comercial 258. “This has increased our possibilities of developing recipes together with our customers to ensure the right heat treatment/process time for the targeted shelf life.”

Comercial 258 will exhibit at Empack Madrid, 23 – 24 November, 2016, at stand B15. Martin Glogo_empack_pabellon9ustavsson will also speak at the conference. The theme of the speech – “An innovative system using valve technique for ready meals within the catering and/or retail sector” will be held on November 23rd at 16:50 in conference hall DS Smith.

“We also have a test kitchen in Sweden and this is where we evaluate new concepts for ourselves and our potential and existing customers” continues Hanna Rüdel, Director Food Service at Micvac. “Spending one or two days here with our chef is an efficient way to get inspired into new ways of producing food.”

dsc_1640-2The positive reactions and the big interest in the Micvac Food Service concept have encouraged Micvac to employ a new Key Account Manager. Manne Johansson started at Micvac on 1st of August 2016 and has a background within equipment sales to HORECA and supermarkets. “Manne will be a valuable asset to our team to assure the success of this new launch”, states Håkan Pettersson, Managing Director Micvac. “It’s very exciting to be part of a new innovation and to make it grow”, says Manne. “I’m eager to explain how you can be more efficient in the daily work and planning of the kitchens.”


Micvac will exhibit at the Sirha fair in Lyon, France, 21 – 25 January 2017. Sirha is one of the biggest hospitality and food service events that exist. Micvac assures good quality and taste with an exceptional freshness and we will be very pleased to welcome existing and potential customers at our stand. Our own chef, Jonas Eriksson, will show his best recipes and let you taste and discuss it with him.