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Our company

Micvac is an innovative food processing and packaging solution company. Our unique in-pack cooking and pasteurisation method provides safe, healthy, tasty and environmentally conscious meals that appeal to the modern, fast-paced consumer.


Our brand promise “Fresh thinking, served.” is further distilled and explained in these corporate value statements:


We are highly motivated and united by our passion for new technology and the spirit of entrepreneurship. We are proud to work at Micvac and eager to share our know-how and enthusiasm.


We offer our customers the best possible products and services. We believe in continuous improvement and never stop challenging the status quo.


We work closely with customers and partners to develop relationships built on professionalism and trust. We share ideas and are committed to achieve mutual goals. We are one team.


The original idea for the Micvac method came from trying to preserve one of the most delicate foods there is – mussels. The inventor (and founding father), Dr Joel Haamer, conducted extensive research into marine food cultivation and preservation throughout his career. He found that the best way to preserve mussels was to get rid of all the oxygen and use a fast thermal treatment. In August 2000 Micvac was founded. The first customer signed with Micvac in 2005 and is still running a successful business!

Today, Dr Haamer’s innovative method with its unique packaging material and production equipment is being used by the food industry all over the world.