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Press release: The Swedish company Micvac’s patented technology has made its way across the Atlantic to Canada

Micvac’s patented technology has made its way across the Atlantic to Canada. Hensall Foods, a subsidiary of Hensall Coop launched a brand new ready-to-eat series of meals under its own brand The Screaming Chef. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Today the Ontario and Manitoba-based food company offers a range of 12 different meals – all of which use Micvac’s special in-pack cooking and pasteurisation method.

Inspired by the whistling signal that goes off when a Micvac-technology meal is re-heated and ready to eat, Hensall Foods decided to name its very own brand The Screaming Chef. Although the offer seems like a given now, it was a big step for the 85 years old parent company Hensall Coop which primarily has offered edible dry beans and food-grade soybeans. By the end of 2019, Hensall Coop decided that they wanted to expand their horizons and work closer to the customers, which is when the idea of a fresh ready meal series came to mind.

– When Micvac initially introduced their solution, we immediately saw a huge opportunity and great potential. Micvac definitely has the right technology for today’s consumers. After an intensive period of trying out different recipes, installing the necessary equipment, and receiving proof of mandatory regulatory certificates, we were ready for take-off, Amir Naveed, General Manager of Hensall Foods Inc, says before continuing:

– I think one of the reasons that we were successful is because it’s a new technology for the Canadian home meal replacement category, it’s ground-breaking.

Exceptional support and guidance
Micvac’s technology is known for preserving both flavour, colour, texture and nutrition and is recognized all over the world. The in-pack cooking and pasteurisation process consists of two main parts: the unique packaging design and the food preparation line, both of which Micvac supports new partners with. Since the original launch in November last year with a key private label customer, Hensall Foods own brand The Screaming Chef is now offered in several stores with the aim to support smaller communities and reduce food waste. The last-mentioned aspiration goes in line with the exceptionally long shelf life of Micvac’s packaging which is an impressive 60 days.
– It’s more important now than ever to reduce waste, the long shelf life is as important as it is unique. We’re very pleased with the cooperation so far. Micvac has been there every step that we needed, from the concept stage to commercialization. This technology is a perfect answer to today’s needs, Amir Naveed concludes.