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Are you looking to develop new products to put on the chilled ready meals market? Keep reading. The Micvac method offers a number of advantages to consumers and producers alike. Let’s take a quick look at the most prominent features and how modern food packaging design and food care makes a difference.

Micvac motto - Fresh thinking, served

Packed with sellable differences!

Tasty and

The Micvac in-pack cooking solution offers a number of advantages compared to old techniques. The method allows fast cooking at a high temperature. The result is that more vitamins, texture and colour are preserved, no matter the ingredient. The bonus is that all of the flavour is sealed in the ready meal package.

An upright

Other production methods require preservatives to enhance quality and ensure shelf life. With Micvac you don’t need to add anything at all. During the pasteurisation process a natural vacuum is created leaving the tray airtight. The vacuum will keep the meal fresh for weeks and also allows the ready meal package to be displayed upright on the store shelves.

The first
ready meal!

Chilled ready meals are all about convenience. The Micvac method offers new features making it even more practical for the consumer. Smart food packaging design is the key to success. The tray is designed to ensure even heating, all the way through. The clever little valve will make a whistling sound when the ready meal is ready to eat.

Net Promoter Score
Satisfaction Score

Micvac reached an NPS score of 65 and satisfaction score of over 85% in the last consumer research survey in the UK.

Micvac Chilled Ready Meals in Store

Communicating the benefits

Over the years we have learnt a lot about the chilled ready meals market, end consumers and how they receive the Micvac method. We are more than happy to help you navigate past the beginner’s mistakes and find more efficient routes to the hearts and stomachs of your potential consumers. Communicate the benefits the right way and you are sure to find a niche among the chilled ready meals manufacturers.

Here are the top/classic arguments for buying a meal produced with the Micvac method. Which ones are viable on your market?

  • Higher nutrition values through fast pasteurisation
  • Extra convenient – signals when it’s ready
  • Food safety guaranteed – visible vacuum
  • Extended shelf life without additives
  • Maximum taste – flavour stays in the tray
Micvac can help your brand communicate the benefits of your products

How to brand a Micvac-made product

Healthy Food Packed In A Smart And Fresh Way With Micvac Technology

The health angle

There are a couple of strong health benefits that come with the Micvac method. The natural vacuum offers the possibility to cook entirely without preservatives and still gain excellent keeping qualities. (The vacuum seal is also a guarantee that no one has tampered with the food after pasteurisation, a strong symbol of food safety.) A short thermal treatment retains a higher vitamin content (for example vitamin C in vegetables), compared to traditional methods such as autoclave/retort cooking. In other words the table is set for a brand new line of ready meal products for a health-conscious target group.

Micvac’s simple and effective in-pack-cooking

The convenient convenience food

The Micvac method enables you to position your product as even more convenient than the average convenience food. Thanks’ to smart food packaging design preparing your chilled ready meal couldn’t be easier. The tray is designed to eliminate cold spots and ensure an even temperature right through to the middle. The clever Micvac valve produces a loud whistle to inform you when your ready meal is done. So no more running back and forth to the microwave, trying to get it just right. And as if that’s not enough, we also offer excellent keeping qualities. A Micvac chilled ready meal will stay fresh for weeks in the fridge. So just stack them up for hungry days to come.

Using the Micvac technology, no preservatives or flavour enhancers are needed

The natural touch

You might argue that natural and healthy are the same thing, but there are subtle yet important differences. For example you don’t have to be into sports and fitness to appreciate natural. No preservatives is the strong selling point here. Micvac uses a natural preservation technique – gentle heat treatment in combination with vacuum. And the Micvac method also lowers the demand for flavour enhancers. Just add a classic recipe, ecological/fair trade/local ingredients and an eco-friendly package and you are ready to hit the shelves with a new, and more natural chilled ready meal brand.

Micvac packaging allows you to take your food brand to the next level

Food is fun

Micvac is the only chilled ready meal (probably the only food item) that actually tells you when it’s ready to eat. This truly differentiating feature also makes preparing your meal more fun and a lot easier. Even a child can get it right. To add to the fun, why not bring a story to your brand? You could for instance put dinosaur-shaped pasta in there and a nice colourful sleeve. Et voilà! You have a fresh chilled ready meal brand to bring to the market. And PS: don’t forget to tell parents that this fast food is actually good for their children.

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