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A complete production line in four steps

In order to achieve the FILL, SEAL, COOK, COOL sequence for the Micvac method, you need a complete production line. Each part is built to sequentially perform its role in one smooth, continuous process.

1. FILL – Filling equipment

The filling line can be set up and automated in a number of ways. Type of products and recipes, number of products, packaging sizes, requested capacity, flexibility and cost efficiency will all determine what type of filling equipment that is needed.

Fill 1
Fill 2
Fill 3

2. SEAL – Sealing machine with integrated valve applicator

Micvac is cooperating with leading suppliers of sealing equipment and has developed a special valve applicator that is integrated into the machine. The sealing machines make sure the film seal on the trays is strong enough to withstand the internal pressure during the cooking and packaging processes as well as when reheating – yet remains easy for consumers to peel away.

Seal 1
Seal 2
Seal 3

3. COOK – Microwave tunnel

The microwave tunnel is designed and developed especially for Micvac’s process. A buffer and in-feed system is an integrated part of the microwave tunnel. In the tunnel the trays are heated continuously and uniformly, both along and across the tray. The microwave applicators are designed in order to obtain a uniform heating pattern. The microwave tunnel is built in modules which makes it easy to increase capacity when needed.

Microwave tunnel
Cook 1
Cook 2
Cook 3

Micvac microwave tunnel 3.0 is a result of continuous development to ensure the best food quality for our customers.

4. COOL – Cooling equipment

After the microwave tunnel the products are transported into the cooling equipment, preferably a spiral cooler, which gives a quick and controlled cooling. Controlled cooling guarantees maximum quality and prevent bacterial growth.

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