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Pilot equipment & support

Try it before you buy it – Micvac Pilot Equipment

We don’t expect you to make a major investment without first-hand experience. Our motto is “Fresh thinking, served” and we truly aim to bring our know-how and technology to the table. First of all we want you to evaluate our method for yourself, either at our pilot plant or by using a portable lab kit. Our staff of engineers, chefs and marketing people are, of course, ready to guide you every step of the way.

Pilot plant

The first step is of course to visit our pilot plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, and experience the method first-hand. The pilot plant is a full-size production unit where you can scrutinize the different parts of the process and learn how the method works by trying out a standard recipe (or a recipe of your own choosing).


Portable lab kit

If you want to develop different recipes, or demonstrate the method to decision-makers back home, we offer a low-cost portable experimenting kit. The kit contains all the equipment you need to experience the Micvac method on a small scale. If you cannot make it to our pilot plant, we can come to you and demonstrate how the lab kit works. In actual fact, all of our customers keep using their portable lab kits to try out new ideas and recipes for the future.




Micvac Flextrays


Valves pre-applied on film


Microwave oven

Rent a pilot microwave tunnel

When you are closer to making a decision, we have developed a single-lane production unit for try-out purposes. The pilot tunnel is available with a six-month rental agreement.

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