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Marketing tools

We’ll help you get off to a flying start!

Are you planning to use the Micvac method to launch a new chilled ready meals brand? Our marketing department is happy to share know-how and market insights, various market studies and test results with you. There is no holding back. We succeed when you succeed.

Market studies

We have conducted market studies in several European countries and gained some exciting insights about the consumers and the chilled ready meals market. If you wish to conduct a study of your specific market, we have a long-standing co-operation with a renowned research company, and are happy to help you out with the details.

Marketing tools for your chilled ready meals brand

"We wouldn't be where we are today without Micvac."

Dag Kjelsrud, Production Manager

“I was really pleased with all the help I got from Micvac in planning and setting up the plant. To be able to use all their knowledge was very valuable for us”

– Knut Lillienau, Managing Director

"Some stores have to throw away a lot of chilled ready meals, but this is not a problem for K-Supermarket – with the HK-products wastage is just 1 percent."

– Jarkko Lindström, Store Manager

Communicating the benefits

Over the years we have learnt a lot about the chilled ready meals market, end consumers and how they receive the Micvac method. We are more than happy to help you navigate past the beginner’s mistakes and find more efficient routes to the hearts and stomachs of your potential consumers. Communicate the benefits the right way and you are sure to find a niche among the chilled ready meals manufacturers.

Here are the top/classic arguments for buying a meal produced with the Micvac method. Which ones are viable on your market?

  • Higher nutrition values through fast pasteurisation
  • Extra convenient – signals when it’s ready
  • Food safety guaranteed – visible vacuum
  • Extended shelf life without additives
  • Maximum taste – flavour stays in the tray
Micvac can help your brand communicate the benefits of your products

Sleeve & display possibilities

If you need more tangible assistance we can help you develop communication concepts, sleeve design etc. through our marketing partners.

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