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In-pack cooking and pasteurisation

Micvac offers a smooth, modern production method based on in-pack cooking and pasteurisation in one continuous process. Each tray is filled, sealed and then pasteurised while passing through a microwave tunnel. The easiest way to get a grasp of the method is to watch this video.

The Micvac method in four steps

The first step of the Micvac method is filling the tray with fresh food

1. Filling the tray

The ingredients are put in the tray, either by machine or by hand.

The second step of the Micvac method is sealing the tray with valve-applied film

2. Film and valve application

The film and valve are applied in an automated process.

The third step of the Micvac method is in-pack cooking and pasteurising in the Micvac microwave tunnel

3. Cooking and pasteurisation

The now sealed package is cooked and pasteurised in a microwave tunnel. During pasteurisation the valve opens to let out steam, and with it all oxygen. The valve closes and a vacuum is created.

The fourth step of the Micvac method is cooling the pasteurised and vacuumised meal

4. Cooling

The pasteurised and vacuumised meal moves on into a cooling unit, and now the fresh-made meals are ready for the store shelves.

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