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Coop Norway uses Micvac technology – “Incredibly convenient”

We wanted to offer our customers a convenient and green alternative. Since we’re already familiar with ready meals produced using Micvac technology, we know it’s a sure-fire way of making customers happy,” says Linda Dahlstrøm Haugen, Category Manager for chilled ready meals at Coop Norway.

In autumn 2020, Coop Norway launched three vegetarian chilled ready meals based on the innovative Micvac technology, under its own label Coop Vegetardag. The unique method enables the dishes to retain their quality and fine flavour for weeks without additives or preservatives.

Since 2016, Coop Norway has been selling vegetarian products under its own label, Coop Vegetardag. Thanks to a rising demand for vegetarian food, three ready meals are now produced by the Swedish food producer Grön Ko using Micvac equipment and packaging technology: Chili con Pea, Pea Bolognese and Pea Tikka Masala.

“Demand for vegetarian ready meals has primarily come from the younger generation, and we wanted to meet their needs with a tasty, nutritious product. We feel we’ve succeeded together with Grön Ko, which uses the Micvac method. It’s great to see the products being so well received by our customers. One reason is that they’re so quick and easy to heat up — all Coop Vegetardag ready meals can be heated in the microwave oven in just three minutes. The result is a ready meal that preserves all the flavour, texture and nutrition,” says Dahlstrøm Haugen.

High customer satisfaction and continued development
The unique Micvac method enables a dish to retain both its flavour and its nutrition over time, without any additives or preservatives. The method allows a longer shelf life than ready meals based on more traditional packaging methods. To date, the response from Coop Norway’s customers has been extremely positive and launches of new products in the future are already being planned.
“We’ve had very few complaints or returns for the ready meals, which is a very good sign. We will definitely continue to launch products made using the Micvac method moving forward; we’re continuously developing new dishes,” Linda Dahlstrøm Haugen concludes.

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