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Micvac supports cooperation to reduce food waste

The food industry and national authorities alike want to reduce food waste along the whole chain. IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, is coordinating a cooperation programme to reduce food waste. Organisations along the entire food chain, from producer to consumer, have come together to make production and consumption of food and beverages more sustainable.

The cooperation is called Samarbete för minskat matsvinn (Cooperation to Reduce Food Waste). It takes the form of an agreement, whereby players in the food industry work together to identify where food waste arises, and what the causes are. The problems can then be remedied, and the solution shared with others.

Micvac has chosen to take part in the role of supporter, since we are convinced of the importance of working proactively to reduce food waste. We also look forward to working closely alongside the wider industry, as well as government agencies.

Micvac hopes that the cooperation can become a forum, bringing players along the entire food chain together to discuss and implement specific, industry-wide projects that can speed up the reduction of food waste.

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Some of the project partners: 
Martin & Servera, Arla, Swedish Food Federation, Orkla Foods Sverige, LRF, Menigo, Coor, Norrmejerier, Visita, Potatisodlarna potato growers, Svenska Köttföretagen meat producers, Swedish EPA, National Food Agency, Swedish Board of Agriculture, Linas Matkasse, Sodexo and Compass Group AB


Micvac soutient un collectif pour réduire le gaspillage alimentaire
Micvac stöttar samarbete för minskat matsvinn