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“Seafood Tomorrow is a EU funded project aiming to promote the consumption of sustainable seafood species, underutilized, and at the same time diversify the origin of the proteins vital for our health”.

As a part of this project, Seafood Tomorrow organized a European recipe competition to develop good and healthy meals for different target groups (children, pregnant women and seniors). RISE, together with Högskolan i Kristianstad, developed recipes for Sweden.

In view of preserving the meals, it was decided that the meals should be made with the Micvac technology. Fish and seafood are sensitive to heat treatment and oxygen; which makes the Micvac technology well suited since it is a gentle and quick cooking and pasteurisation method with a natural vacuum that removes the oxygen.

Micvac offers a gentle technology for in-pack cooking and pasteurization which combines the effects of microwave cooking together with a reclosable valve that creates a natural vacuum. No need for preservatives or barrier properties in the packaging material; it’s all clean and safe. The technology offers a shelf life of approximately 45 -60 days with stable food quality and an intense and rich taste. Benefits in the whole value chain and the best of it; less food waste and recyclable packaging material.


For more information please see enclosed the press release from Seafood Tomorrow, and also:

Micvac congratulates Hanna Johannesson, Maja Rosengren and Maja Svensson, students at Högskolan i Kristianstad, Sweden, to having won with three recipes out of six.