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Press release: Micvac at Sirha 2017

Optimise your culinary results and the satisfaction of your customers without investment stress

Tasty, cost-efficient and less stress: The Micvac method allows the preparation of delicious, healthy and convenient meals for everyone at any time. A patented technology that allows to serve meals several weeks after their cooking.
The Micvac method is the answer to nowadays constraints of production, especially the flow of raw material and the management of employees. With the Micvac method, you cook when staff and kitchen space are available. You avoid unsociable working hours and stress, and can make optimum use of your resources.

The method allows the preparation of your recipe from raw or pre-cooked ingredients. You cook them directly in the packaging (in-pack cooking) in a combi oven, which preserves weight (less water loss), taste and nutritional values of the product. The products are naturally vacuum-packed as a part of the cooking process, which means the food is safe to transport and handle. Before serving: put the product in a microwave or combi oven to heat it up. Last but not least, the meals taste really, really good.

Safety and nutrition: The film, which seals the packaging, has an integrated valve that releases the oxygen during cooking. The meal is pasteurised and can stay fresh for weeks under chilled conditions. Always ready to be served when you need it!

The Micvac technology offers a whole new level of flexibility with guaranteed food safety.

Manage the use of your resources – staff, ingredients and kitchen space.

Come and visit us at SIRHA 21 – 25 January 2017: Hall 5, stand B121
Every day our Chef will demonstrate the Micvac method at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm (except on the last day: 11:00 only)